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What are some Germany radio stations you would suggest for listening online?




B5 Aktuell oder Inforadio.

I am listening to this:

I suggest HR3, SWR 3, FFH or Antenne Bayern.


Deutsche Welle is the suggested German Radio Station.

Deutsche Welle or DW is Germany's international broadcaster. The service is aimed at the overseas market. It broadcasts news and information on shortwave, Internet and satellite radio in 30 languages.

Wishing you good & informative listening !


Well, I usualy randomicaly choose one frome, a radio stations agregator all over the world.




WDR2 - pop music and news

WDR3 - classical music and news

WDR5 - pop music and diverse news and documentary 

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Deutsche Welle, if you want to learn German.. try their website also,


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