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What do you think ?

What is necessary to improve more your country ? 

For example ; Economy , Tourism like this.



well, I'm from colombia and it is a great country with great resources. But is a country of violence and stupidness. My country would improve a lot if we all would change our way to think. Everyday there is more people who do what they want, and there is people who suffer the impacts, and nobody tries to change anything. The people who want to change are alone, even when they explain it to the other people they are alone. Our government cares more about USA than about Colombia and people continue voting for the same corrupts. I just wanna get out of here :(

don't worry . I hope. You'll be one of big countries in the future.

I come from Poland. Our main problem is the government. They care only about themselves, not citizens. A lot of people (including myself) abandon Poland. What can I do to improve my country? I have no idea. So when an opportunity arroused, I left Poland. 


I'd say that we French people should work in priority on tolerance and open-mindedness. A fair number of Frenchmen are afraid of foreigners or more generally of anyone who is different.

Well in my country government should improve. They are very corrupt. Well I am quite thankful now that corruption are being expose but I don't know if those people will be put in prison.

My country is the USA, and here we are getting more and more angry at the government for their hipocrisy and corruption. They promise many rights, but infringe on them way too much. They tell us that we have absolute privacy, when in reality the government monitors internet traffic and has the power to detain anyone for an undetermined amount of time indefinitely. We have files kept on us, and there are many corrupt police chiefs (especially where I live), and the government gives itself the power to pry any information it wants from our computers, cell phones, any digital device. Our two-party system makes it so that people from third parties do not have a chance at winning elections, and no matter which party you vote for out of the two fully recognised parties, you are voting for the same principles, same ideology. They have a monopoly on our system, and I think this is going to be the downfall of the United States.

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