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Which is more important ' to work' and ' intelligence' to reach success ?



It depends of what is success. My meaning of success is different of yours, and yours is different of other people. So successing depends of what kind of success do you want.

 for me it's work.You might be very clever.But it's offcast without any effort.can you show me a person success something important without making a bid for?i don't think so:/.otherwise life would be easy for us.But life is hard and you have to deal with it by making a bit effort on it.


the most important is to work

what's the point of being smart if you don't prove it


I think both are important, but you also need to have some luck.

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration" -- Thomas Alva Edison



Everyone can achieve his goal by his method , no matter with effort , intelligence or opportunity . There is no would-be rule to define how you will succeed . It varies very much from person to person .

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