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can you advise any interesting english books?

Hi, can you advise any interesting english books, which not hard to read. (for example, for intermediate level)





Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Greetings from Ireland, Ger



Try Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad 

The LOST WORLD :) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyla

Thanks :)

Look at These are very old crime stories. I read them in Russian to learn russian language. They have lots of dialogs so are easy to follow. BTW, I learn Armenian too. Its interesting to learn a differen writing system, cheers Hartmut


Hi, for reading, it depends on what you like. Kids books such as Harry Potter are a wonderful start for reading. One thing I tell my students is to read the first 25 pages and if it's too hard then try something easier. 


Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. Very interesting read.

There are loads of books catagorized in different genere. Such as, fiction, dramma, comic, art, literature, science-fiction, philosophy, history, technology and lot more. In which field are you much interested? Please be specific so that one could recommend you. I would recommend you a book written by Shiva Khera titled "YOU CAN WIN", Though. I am sure you will thank me after reading it.


Cheers Reading a book which may change your life.

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