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"The more I know about people,the more I appreciate my dog".

"The more I know about people, the more I appreciate(love) my dog"- once said an ancient philosopher Socrates.
Later that quote was attributed to many another famous people,but sense remained unchanged.
So, guys,what do you think about that saying?Do you agree with ancient scientist?



To some extent, I agree. That's because we as humans, we may be really mean to another, then they won't have anything to do with you. Whereas, with pets, you can be mean to them, such as yelling at them, but they come back to you. Right?

I agree but it wasn't Socrates who said that, lol.

According the sources,Socrates was first.
Later many people just repeated quote their own way.
Time passed,and who can say without fault.The most important thing is sense.

I agree with Socrates. I think the meaning of the phrase is you can trust in dogs, not in people. Dogs don't betray you.


I agree. Dog is considered as man's bestfriend. You'll find that it is easy to train a dog about daily routine though repeatly doing makes us feel happy because they can follow commands from you. On the other hand we feel regret when somebody refused your commands.


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