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"Excited" vs. "Exciting"

Here on italki, I noticed a common mistake that a lot of people make, so I thought I would post this and hopefully help some people :)


This mistake is mixing up words like "excited" and "exciting", "bored" and "boring" etc. Although the difference between the two may look small, the difference in meaning is quite significant, and can sound a bit silly when used incorrectly. Let me explain~


Adjectives which end with "-ed" (excited, bored) tell us how a person feels about something.

Adjectives which end with "-ing" (exciting, boring) describe the person or things that have caused that feeling.

So, if something excites you, and you want to describe that thing, you can say that it is exciting. If something excites you, and you want to say how you feel, you can say that you are excited.


By saying "I am exciting", this means that you make other people feel excited, which is quite an odd thing to say. By saying "I am boring", this means that you make other people feel bored, which isn't a good thing!


Hopefully this clarifies the difference between the two for those of you who are having problems using these adjectives. Good luck! :)



thank you.

so i would say:i am bored and it's boring.right?


That's great.thanks a lot  for your share.I'll remember that

That's right Michael.


There's an easy way to determine which form to use, if you know how to use present continous and present passive.

Any adjective ending in "ing" or "ed" comes from the continuous or passive form of a verb.


For example, the continuous form of 'to bore' is 'boring'. For example, "it is boring me".

The passive form of 'to bore' is 'to be bored'. For example, "I am bored by it" (this sentence is a little awkward).


You could say "I am bored by it because it's boring me."

Yep, that's right Michael.


You're welcome Wei diy!

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