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how can i bring fluency in my english ???

what to do ??




Engage yourself in many learning materials. There are many ways. Just read the link and good luck!

thank u :)

Do practice and talk to other people and do more fun

I think just try to talk.





    Work with the Dolch Word Lists.   It is a list of the most common   Nouns and most common verbs in the English Language.


   When you can understand those   words  and you begin  practicing with them  with your language partner, you   will find that your study is made easier.



Make a good Conversation is only possible by practicing Your English language. Make a good friend and make a good conversation

At first, you need to define what do you mean about fluency,

If you mean that to be perfect . . . then I will tell you that . . . it's impossible,

you won't ever be perfect at any language including your native language,

but if you mean that to be able to talk with people in english especially native speakers,

So, There is 2 steps :

1 - Get the right foundation . . .

( Review the grammar & know new words Constantly ),

2 - Practice alot . . .

( Use the new words always, not just knowing them, Read, listen, speak with natives & with non natives who are good in english ),

but the most important thing . . . take it easy & have fun,

Finally, maybe I am just wrong . . . Best of luck :P

thank you all guys ..... It help me a lot ...:)

Reading books in english language, seeing original version english series, listening to english music, practising your speaking with native speakers.

but its hard to find a good partner here ...:(

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