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I think acceptance is first step for the win.

I think acceptance is first step for the win.



i think u think sense! 

How should l understand you of this sentence?

I am curious why you say that . I regard there should be more context to verify your remark.

ok. if i say this way:

I think acceptance to lose is first step for the win.

I can't agree with you. Of couse, you should think about your forces and understand if you can't solve some problems. But ask any sportman Did he think about to lose before he's become winner) He will respond you it is unacceptable

Thanks Ivan. Your elevation is true on the beginning of the battle. Or beginning sporting competition.
Anyone do not accept losing. So anyone trust he's forces.
But in the battle.
I think, When you lose some things.
You should understand your losing.
So you can re concentration and re force your powers.
If you do not accept your losing in the battle, you do not make any effort. Because you Suppose you will wins with the current way.

agree with you. As the saying in Chinese: "忍一时风平浪静,退一步海阔天空", in English, " Endures for a while to be uneventful, back step to be the boundlessness".

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