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How much homework do you have in high school?

Well..I want to know different high school lives..I will go to another country for my high school study..



Depends on where you live and what kind of school you go to. I studied at an American high school, and our school is pretty strict on scores, and we took a lot of AP classes which are equivalent to college courses. So I had a lot of homework and had to prepare for tests constantly. But I heard from my friends who are living in other parts of the U.S. that they had little homework to do and their classes are pretty easy simply because they selected easier classes. Some schools are pretty good at sports and some are pretty good at academics.

School was everything to me in high school.  I worked on homework over five hours a day.  This did include the endless hours i spend reading novels for my English and history classes. 


When I got to the university, classes outside math/science required a book a week per class.  Math and science classes had graded problem sets due weekly.


...and then I joined the computer club.  My life inverted.  I still read the required books inside the club office where I was the unpaid receptionist/organizer.  I matched people with those who could help them and I answered some questions myself.  We ran the club processing during the operator's dinner break.  We then went out to dinner as a group of ten or so and discussed ... computing.

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