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Questions about Colombia

I would like to know which questions are you have about Colombia, because many people have stereotypes :D



When I was a kid,I heard much about FARC in Colombia. My biggest concern about Latin America, I suppose. A few years ago, I met someone on Facebook, we talked a lot about it.
I read a lot about Colombia, especially after met online friends from Caldas and from Baranquilla. lately read about giant escalator in Medellin. So cool!!! :D
Not to mention about Green hotel in Bogota.

Still heard about conflict between guirellas and the military army.

I later know that Colombians have 7 types of Spanish accents depends on the area they live in :p


Ah...good article on BBC mundo.

I heard that in Colombia, the most common form of informal pronoun YOU (singular) is USTED... Usted is used between close friends, between lovers, between
husband and wife.
Is it true ?

Ungu, You know many things about Colombia :D that is cool

The case of pronoun YOU (singular) is more common say USTED (formal) when you don´t meet the people, but in many case and in many parts of Colombia when you want be friendly and you meet the people you can use the pronoun TU (informal) depends of the conjugation. For example


Usted: ¿Usted tiene un lapiz que me preste?

Tu:  ¿Tu tienes un lapiz que me prestes?

jejeje, muchas gracias Julian :D

Con mucho gusto Ungu :D


Hola! Me llamo Nicola y soy italiano. A mi me gustaria mucho viajar a Medellin, Bogotà, Calì. Y creo que lo voy hacer. Però en Italia se dice que Colombia es muy peligrosa, sobredodo si te ven como extranjero. Es verdad? 

Nicola, all countries are dangerous depends of the site where you go, if you ask me I say: Colombia is dangerous but also is safe because the people is very friendly and we love the turists, We are very hospitable. Is true, in many places if the "bad boys" see turists, they will want take advantage however not all places on Colombia. I therefore recommend if you will travel to Colombia you will enjoy your life but also you need to be cautious.
You need meeting good people and leave that they give some good advices for you.


(sorry for my bad english skills, I need to practice :P)

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