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Are there any nice Germans who could help me to think of some German sentences using certain words?))

I need some help in thinking some sentences with German words, such as: Zufrieden sein, gegenuber (D) skeptisch stehen, sich in Grenzen halten, plädieren, Zuspruch finden, sich abfinden, beruhen, aufrufen, zu dem Schluss kommen, in Bezug auf.. One sentence for each word ~ ))



Instead of german sentences written by natives here in this discussion I would like to see some tries as notebook entries and I'm sure that all those nice germans can't wait to correct them. ;-)

mr.teutone is right. It is a good idea to formulate sentences yourself. You will then learn from your mistakes.

Thank you for your comments ^^ okay, I will soon write them myself... but the point is, that I'm not really sure of how to use these words in a sentence, so there will be even more mistakes...the rough ones hhhh : D

studying german is a hard work.not give it up in the future.

by the way,i study german too,Ich bin aus china

hi how r u?
my name is Alaa from Palestine
i can teach you arabic if you want and we can chat on skype if you want too .. and you can help me with your language
waiting your reply

Hi Saulute,


I agree with Mr. teutone, you should just go ahead and try your best to make some sentences.  Try a very easy simple sentence at first.  Don't worry about how wrong it is, no one will judge you for your mistakes.  My last entry had SO many mistakes, but I learned something from each one.  There are many kind Germans on italki who are willing to help and explain and share their language. :)


Viel Glueck, und tschuess!



Saulute, did you manage to write those sentences? I would like to read them :-) I am a German teacher, but won't judge you. I am just interested in how you solved that "problem".


.hello iam medo from egypt can i help u in arabic and u help me in english

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