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What do you do when a friend stop talking to you without telling why?

What do you do when a friend stop talking to you without telling why?

Honestly, I never knew what should I think or feel about it. Sometimes we move to another town, or life change in a meaningful way, so it is understandable to lose contact with some people who we really care about. But what are we supposed to do, when people just stop talking? 



Make sure they're still alive

 I will take the initiative to contact him or her. Sure,premise is you identified this friend. If he or she ignor my existence more than three times.I am never going to contact him or she.Such friends don't let it be.I wll forget him or her.

keep sending her/him  messages but if you feel you getting tired of it then stop, what matters most is you tried communicating.

It is very common to know your friends on this site to run across such situation . Most people are not obligated for your language learning . People will chose friends who have the similar echo in their soul .I think even your best friends could leave you without saying a word sometime  . The excuse to tell why is so hard to figure out . The most sticking point to separate is supposed to be careless for each other . There is nothing to do with who is right or wrong . Never say sorry or regret for you split at any rate . Perhaps , to send a wishful greeting is what you can do .

just ignore that person until he/she say something about it but if they don't then i think they are not true friends because your real friend will tell you what you did because they want to keep you in their life

Just wait then if still no news from them then accept it and let them go.

Have you tried to talk with this friend? Try to come closer. Maybe it was misunderstanding! You thought that was something wrong and your friend just can't find time or great news to share with you. Don't ask as if your friend is doing something wrong, just be nice and if this person is really your friend he will talk with you more often after you start =) If it doesn't happen, forget this person! You can find a better friend

It's complicated, there many readons for this to happen. Sometimes people just change and friends who have a lot of things in common may just start to think differently... then they find new and more compatible companies and start to saparate.

Sometimes it's an exterior event or force that drives people apart like work or studies...

It happened to me once, I had three very close internet friends, but I had an argumente with one of them and stoped to log in. The other two stated to miss me and I tried to log more often, but it was not the same... Then my computer broke and it took one whole year for us to buy another one. When I finally logged in with my new PC one of my my two friends had gotten an promotion and didn't have the time to talk anymore. The other one had died of diabetes in the day of my birthday... And I wasn't there for a whole year. It was sad. Both sides had external forces sapareting us.

Now my best friend from school whom I knew since I was in the first grade moved to another town, found new friends and we don't talk as much as we uised to. He has new interests in a new town with new people. I don't blame him, it's only natural.

But to really simply stop talking to me happened only once and I went to the person, asked if there was something wrong or if I did something to offend her, she said no, that it was ok... Turn out she was just my frien while I could help her whith her school grade. She was reproved anyways.

If they are important to you, search for them. If they aren´t, let them go. 

Most people are concentrating on their work , mind or family , so as a consequence , I advise you allow them more sapce to make a choice .

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