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How much time do Japanese spend to learn the 1945 Kanji at primary school?

Is there any tricks to make this learning faster?



If you live in Japan everyday everywhere watch many kanji. All of them written in Japanese (kanji and hiragana and katakana) From an early age, all children watch these things. For example, the package of the snack, video games, title of anime etc..
Plus, naturally they study other subjects with kanji and hiragana and katakana, increases the amount of kanji little at a time.

However, their study to remember kanji writing writing writing.

I forgot some of kanji, so sometimes I have to consult a dictionary.


however after learned the basic kanji, the rest is the combination and the addition.

Its difficult that there is a different kanji in the same reading and one kanji can be pronounced in some ways.

Good luck!

Sorry my poor english.

Thank your for the feedback! I really appreciate it ^^ . And about your English don't worry I'm not annative English speaker like you ;)

I think I read that by sixth grade, they know most of the commonly used kanji. I recommend using a program that teaches you by teaching and combining radicals. If you want to add me, I'll send you a message about it, though they are all written in English, so some of the difficult words might be tough to learn that way.

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