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what is difference between true love and true friendship? and how to identify?



I guess intimacy cound be the critical issue between true love and true friendship . From time to time, friendship could be transformed to love , however, you have to identify if that is true love or a lust .

True love and true friendship are same in sharing, caring, helping together in our lives. The difference is attraction. You always want to be next to your honey. That is my point of view. 

True friendship never involve feeling in this case love between man and woman. True love bonded in love and even time cannot separate the soul in love only bod but not mind and heart. To differentiate them, easy feel your heart and ask your deep feeling.

Honestly , I am not so confident of adamant love and so on at my age . All in all , I believe people are as good as some primates in the world in addition of some humanity , which imples people must live under some material requirment . Love cannot be based upon merely loving each other and love should be sustained upon some physical gratification .  True love is not so important as numerous people can not be couples even with adamant love . Just as an instance , you may see so many couples can enjoy their love even the half is not the best for them . On the contrary , you may see so many couples cannot go on as their personality is so incompatible , while , they love each other so much . Divorce or separation could be the end of love .


Back to the kernel of love , what is true love for you ? I guess it varies from person to peson . it changes over time in my vision .

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