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let's dream,,,,,,,,,

What would you do if you became president of your country.?

What is your first desision.?

what would you buy or what you will do for people?



I ever thought about that when I was a young child . I am not qualified to be a president so I did not think of being a president by any means .

Allen i just say , let's dream , go on

If I were a president I would try to find intelligent people to be  help my country developed.  Moveover, they are kindhearted too.

Hoan good words 

Allen, why do not you dream? You will not waste of money if you dream. Sometimes, your comments are read by a real president. It is useful.

If talk about Ukraine, it's better to do nothing for President. Year by year they just block development of our country by their cooruption and brivery. I know how it sounds)

Ivan never give up

Hah, I'm not depressed))) It's just truth, how it is)

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