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How do you say " go to hell " in your language?

One day my friend from mexico told me some thing like that and i don't understand it , hahaha 



Well, if you really wanna people hit you after you saying that then here it is:


Go to hell in Indonesian language (Pergilah ke neraka!)


לך לעזאזל ( lech le'azazel ) this comes form the bible, where Azazel is a type of nomands land that you are sent to, it was used in the old testament in the "scape goat" story.
some relate Azazel like a demon or something ...

If you ever saw the movie "X-Men first class", one of the villians' name was Azazel ( you could here Kevib Bacon say his name in the movie ) 

Yulia ; i hope no one gonna hit me , haaa

But i like it in Indonesian

Magicmatan , it's good information realy , thanks alot


Ahlan ya Ahmed. Izzayak? 

Ana maksikiya, bn2oul "Vete al infierno" ya3ni Go to hell b'esbany.
But in Mexican Spanish there is many ways to say the same thing, some phrases are too bad that I won't share them because they're very rude curse words. You could just say " Vete" zay "Imshy" b'3raby ya3ni like "Get out".  "Vete de aqui" = "Roo7 men hena" = " Get out of here".



in Farsi: boro be jahannam


برو به جهنم

In VietNamese: Đi chết đi

Hahaa  that's wonderful i am trying to save them all , it's nice to learn some thing with different language,

In Arabic go to hell means (ezhb ela elgahem)  اذهب الي الجحيم

Thanks every one

What did you do? aha

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