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Apart from Italki, what do you do to improve a language?


Apart from Italki, do you use another learning tools on the Internet?






Khan achademy



Hope this helps :)


I like to watch documentaries (on youtube) in the language that I am learning. That way, I get listening practice, reading practice (by reading subtitles) and I learn about the country's culture all at the same time! Another good thing about documentaries is that the narrator speaks very clearly and quite slowly, and pauses often.

and video on youtube about  IELTS preparation..

I use InterPals, LingQ, Lang-8 and most recently PenPalWorld. I also watch movies and tv shows and listen to music in the language(s) I'm learning.

Coffee Break German and most recently skype.

I used to learn English on Memrise . There are many foreign language courses for free on this website. but unfortunately it's not free.


I read blogs and various news articles in order to learn.

I download films and music. Words are exggarated in songs so i can pick them up easier. I listen to news also

first off all if you want to manage somethıng you have to studt harder than usual and you will be need to make a practice with stranger person. good luck ;)

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