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What is your favourite book?

Hi everyone! What is your favourite book? Can you recommend me one?




My favorite book is "Les misérables" by Victor Hugo.

I can recommend you The Alchemist, an awesome book :)

George Orwell-Animal Farm

Harris Thomas-Silence of the lambs


i love entrepreneurship. so here one of the best books ever!

4 hour work week - tim ferris

like a virgin- richard branson 

the tipping point by malcolm gladwell


I cant remember all now. but the first and the second really changed my life!

Depends on your interests. I'm really into memoirs so I'd recommend:


Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide


Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive SCRABBLE Players


Growing up Amish: A Memoir





thank u so much! BTW, The Alchemist one of my favourite books :))

Gone with the wind by Magaret Mitchell.

The wind-up bird chronicle and Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami.


You can try "The Thorn Bird", "Totto Chan - The little girl at the window" :D I like them :D

Hi!) My favorite book it's  "the Secret" Rhonda Byrne) I advise to read to you)

Thank you so much! I am sure that they are very interesting, I'll read them!!)))

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