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what do you think about the virtual love while you learn other languages???



Difficult but possible .:))

Yan you start all relationships when you talk or speak with someone... why you say that is difficult a virtual love with somebody??? Is the same way!!! Isnt???


Virtual love is good but at my mind you should know this people in real life/ for example it can be meet

Yes i know diola but many people fall in love when meet virtual people... 


It possible of course:)

I don't know.. I might fall in like ...but maybe not fall in love.. love is just a very strong word for me but I still believe relationship can start online and will continue till end if your going to meet personally and the feelings will level up.

Sorry for my late response Juan Chavarro,,,

I said " difficult" , because it s difficult to meet someone on net and fall in love , I will not call it love , but it can be sympathy, like or smth. else...Love can be possible after arranging a meeting in real is because beside 2 sense ( hearing and sight), we have 3 more senses also ( touch , taste , smell).

I hope this time I was clear..thanks

After meeting someone you're attracted to online, one can feel a sense of infatuation. I wouldn't refer to it as love yet. One both parties agree to meet each other in person that's the time you'll be able to gauge if a relationship is feasible keeping in mind that cultural differences and language barriers are the barriers both would have to face apart from the typical quirks that people go through once their in a relationship.

People are not always realizing themselves so my answer is not positive to absolute love . I am deeply convinced that love is established under some prerequisite . No virtual love can really exist in our lives . In terms of learning a new language , it is not relevant for me to acknowledge love .

Yup it is possible at all but there are many flurt thats why people do not relie on it !

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