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what do you think about the virtual love while you learn other languages???



Difficult but possible .:))

Yan you start all relationships when you talk or speak with someone... why you say that is difficult a virtual love with somebody??? Is the same way!!! Isnt???


Virtual love is good but at my mind you should know this people in real life/ for example it can be meet

Yes i know diola but many people fall in love when meet virtual people... 


It possible of course:)

I don't know.. I might fall in like ...but maybe not fall in love.. love is just a very strong word for me but I still believe relationship can start online and will continue till end if your going to meet personally and the feelings will level up.

Sorry for my late response Juan Chavarro,,,

I said " difficult" , because it s difficult to meet someone on net and fall in love , I will not call it love , but it can be sympathy, like or smth. else...Love can be possible after arranging a meeting in real is because beside 2 sense ( hearing and sight), we have 3 more senses also ( touch , taste , smell).

I hope this time I was clear..thanks

People are not always realizing themselves so my answer is not positive to absolute love . I am deeply convinced that love is established under some prerequisite . No virtual love can really exist in our lives . In terms of learning a new language , it is not relevant for me to acknowledge love .

Yup it is possible at all but there are many flurt thats why people do not relie on it !

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