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I wanna improve my English, please, help me if you can :]

Hi there! My name's Judit (18 years old) and I'm from a village near Zaragoza, in Spain. I'm keen on speaking with someone whose mothertongue is English by skype. I'm into all types of music but R&B, reggaeton and techno, but the most I like is rock. I like reading, cycling and cinema too, so if you are interested, please add me to skype (judit13_96). I'm a very talkative person (and a bit shy haha) but if you want to learn Spanish or improve it, I'll help you!

So please, we can do our bests!





Practice. There is no way around it. :)


I'm also very talkative but fairly shy at the same time, just like you. Let me know if you want me to correct one of your entries. Chao!

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