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How to improve english speaking and writing skills in 2 weeks?

Do you have any suggestions?


I have my ielts exam in 2 weeks and... this question is kind of urgent for me ;) 

Yeah-yeah-yeah, lazy russian girl. 

But I really hope what it isn't too late to study and you could help me with your advices.

(some kind of articles, video-materials, general truths ;), etc.)


Thank you in advance,

Best regards from Saint Petersburg,




hello, i had the same problem last 3 weeks ago, i need to improve english for my interview for a new job, what i done?, I try to see all tv series on english, sing in english, and talk in english, you can try with your friends, or send voice messages or skype :) 

you can check it . it is very useful .  And you can research this website for writing 

as much as you can keep some good phares for writing and some vocabulary very important writing task 1 . If you search these website , you can realise very good examples. I hope you will get good result . good luck 



Hi Daria


Depends how far off you are with your studies at present but my advice would be to totally immerse yourself in English for the next 2 weeks.  Obviously you will be doing your studies on past IELTS exam papers to practice the question types but besides that only watch English TV and Radio stations if possible, if you know any local clubs or groups that are English speakers go to them and live there or spend as much time there as possible.  Do your best to cut yourself off from Russian for the next 2 weeks and pretend you are in an English speaking environment where at all possible. 


Good luck and I am sure you have already studied hard to date, so just focus on the next two weeks and do the exam.


After you get the result you can see if you need anything further at that stage but forget about that now until after the exam.


I am sure you will do good. 


All the best.




i did the ielts Test so you have to

go to youtube and practice your english listening question with answers

2-writting ... the best way for writting is to read 3 random paragraphs and save them in your mind becuase maybe you will use alot of sentence from those paragraphs in your test plus try to use new vocab

3 - speaking .. just write down how to interduce your self in english and what do you like to do and what's your dream and why you want to study english and prepare the reason

4- reading <<< i think you have to know 500 new vocabullary that you did not use it before

wish you good luck

Juan, Fatmadidem, Gearoid, Islam, 

thank you very much for your advices!

I'll do my best! :) 

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