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wo xiang xue xi fa yu

wo xiang xue xi fa yu,wo mei you fa yu de xue xi ji chu.qing wen shui  ke yi cheng wei wo de xue xi pa dang?wo shi zhong guo ren.wo ke yi jiao ni zhong wen .wo hui yi xie ying yu .xie xie :) zhu nin zhou mo yu kuai !




If you're Chinese, why are you writing in pinyin?

why not i can not in pinyin?


Lol, I think the better question is 'why would you?' Chinese is not written in pinyin, it is written using hanzi. Would you write to your Chinese friends, your boss in pinyin? Also, I can tell you, as a foriegner, pinyin is harder to read and understand than Hanzi. Especially when written without tone markings. At university on my Chinese degree, they used a book that gave our homework in pinyin. Everyone moaned because it took us longer to read and understand the pinyin questions than it did to write our anwsers in hanzi. Many people studying Chinese also find is slighty insulting when Chinese people write to them in pinyin. It is like assuming foreigners are not capable of reading hanzi. As my private teacher always said to me when I started studying Chinese, "Pinyin is not Chinese". 

As a Chinese, pinyin is harder to read and understand than Hanzi too.




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