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help me...

anyone can help me how to make a good and correct sentence ?




Hi Titatika,


I can give you a tip. When asking a question begin the sentece or phrase with the interrogative word. Common interrogative words are: how, what, when, why, who and which.


For example:


Can anyone help me?

Who can help me?

What can I do?

Which words should I use to form a good sentence?

How can I improve my English?

When will someone be able to help me?


These are the simplest forms of questions for you right now.


Here are some more rules, but for now keep it simple.


I should add that "can" is not an interragative. It is a modal verbs, but modal verbs begin questions.


Here is a general rule for asking a question using "can", "is", or "are".


To form yes/no questions where there is an auxiliary verb or a modal verb, we invert the word order of a positive sentence. (He is a teacher > Is he a teacher?)


I should point out that I spelled "interrogative" wrong and I used the plural form with the word "verb" when I meant to use the singular form.


I should have said "it is a modal verb".

thanks mike... it really help me but i also have problem with tenses , i cant remember all of them .... would you help me to find easy way to remeber tenses ?

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