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A gap year

Hiiiiiiiiie ! Did anyone go to an other country for a year or more to work and discover a new culture ?? If you did can you tell me what it's like



A gap year in not popular in my country (Poland), but I decided to go abroad (Denmark) to work and learn language. It's a great idea for teenagers who cannot decide what to do in their lifes. You can look at your life from a different side, meet people who inspire you and earn some money. I do recommend one year gap! :)

non , mais je peux rever moi même dans la paris marcher dans le champ elysees , voir le tour d'eiffel , visiter le musee du louvre , prendre un tour dans le river de sein , reposer et regarder le tele de l'emission de titeuf avec les enfants )) , mais c'est encoure un rever lol

So weronika you enjoyed your gap year ? And do you speak the languague spoken in Denmark well (sorry i don't know the name of the languague in english :) ) ? I wish i could go to the US next year...


Et ahmed c'est bien les rêves c'est ça qui fait vivre :) en tout cas j'espère que ce reve deviendra une réalité pour toi

I wish I spoke Danish (this is how to call the language spoken by Danes), but I cannot. I'm trying to learn :) 

To be honest. Visiting Denmark is definitely a nice experience, but I sometimes feel lonely here. But I want to go to the university in Denmark next year. 

But you must remember! You can forget what you learnt at high school

j'amirais , merci Auri

If you have one spare year to go abroad to learn something , it must be an interesting experience for your life . To learn to live with lonliness or occasional frustration  is a must you have to take anyway , however, whenever you look back to what you got from gap year learning  , you would be very pleased . If I were so young as you every one , I must take every chance to challenge for living overseas to relish my precious learning .


I moved to Korea right after I graduated from university and loved every second of it. The food, the people, the country... everything was a wonderful learning experience. 

Thanks for you comments ! Yes it's scaring me the fact that we are alone, without any friends or family... But i'ts also a way to discover ourself!

Oh yes don't worry i know that i'm going to forget all that i learned in high school but it's not a problem for me because what i'm learning right now in high school is not at all connected with what i wanna do later ^^

Even a bad experience enriches my life :) So if you have a posibility to go abroad, let's do it! 

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