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what do you think about depression?



It's misunderstood by a lot of people like all mental illnesses.

to get away it, go holiday


the best advice ;)

I am very much agree with that.

Running ,shopping ,enjoying food ,doing what you want to do......

The majority of my friends have chronic depression or are suicidal, so I have to constantly help them through it and act as an emotionally stable anchor. I think that depression is very very serious and that if anyone has even mild depression, they should see a psychiatrist, because this can ruin your life or take it away from you if you can't control it properly. I have seen this happen, and it is truly horrible. Don't let yourself fall into depression.

Hi , depression could vary so dramatically from person to person . I have experienced some sort of mild depression when I was frustrated . I did not pay too much attention on my depression as I know I have to hold back and bring down this feeling . I went outside immediately to relax my emotion and tried to clarify why I was depressed . In most situation , it works indeed , at least , improved apparently . Finding the root of your depression is the first step you must take . Do not be defeated by your depression in the least . However, I know some people cannot go through major depression and as a result of committing suicide . That is so regretful . If you cannot overcome the major depression problem by yourself , I think you might seek for some specialist in psychiatry for your major depression .


Any way , some major depression problems can be regarded as a kind of mental disorders required to be concerned more by the public.

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