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Plz I need Need friends who can speaks english fluetly as Natives

hello everybody
Iwant to know how can i speak english fluently without making any mistakes. Every time i speak i feel embaressed,although i had studied english for 4 years at the college.Can u help me please coz i have no one to practice the language with.



i would to help you but my english level is intermediate .

thnks a lot :)


I think everybody would like to help... but many of us have so little time. If you keep asking I'm sure there will be English-speaking natives (from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Jamaica, (I just LOVE the accent) and all the rest. You could try informal conversation lessons (not with me - I'm too expensive). But there are LOTS of people on iTalki who charge very reasonable rates, and will talk for an hour, and give you guidance. Or have you tried offering a swap? Have you offered Arabic lessons in exchange?

In my vision , I reckon no matter how much I study , it is almost impossible for me to speak fluently as native English speakers . However, I thnk it is more practical for me to speak fluently and other people can fully understand what I am trying to express . My dominance is my professional in engineering rather than in language learning . 


If you are willing to find a decent language partner

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