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what is the best way to learn with a language partner?

I am interested to know how others work with their language partners on skype?

What is the best way to  use the time so that both parties can improve their chosen language.

If anyone out there has experience of trying several different approaches then maybe you could share your ideas. I am quite new to this game and am really keen to learn.





Hello,well,first,you have to find a  suitable language partner. With your same interests, and willing to help you with his-her native language,and not only to receive your help.

Then,it´s up to you both what you choose to do.

I have a language partner who is already a friend.It´s a Russian woman,living in USA, we talk in Skype, and we share songs, poems, facts about  our countries,history,we talk about our families and about our work, in Spanish and in Russian.

In my opinion,the fact is to share.It does´t work if only one of the partners speaks in his language,and receives no help.

Good luck,tell me about your experiences.

Thank you very much for your replies.

I am new here too and I'm learning a lot with such good advice.


This a great question. I have been trying to work out how it would be possible to help each other. The comment about common interests could be a very valid point. One way I thought could be helpful is to send 'text' to each other in your learning language and the partner correcting it. Also emailing audio in your native language, for the partner to listen to and write what he or she believes they are hearing.

One of my spanish language partners told me that for his B2 exam in english he is shown pictures and has to describe them, talk about what is happening in them and answer questions. We tried this online and i think it is one very useful way to work with your partner. 

Please keep suggestions coming!

With an internet laguage partner we tried to work with sessions and it worked :

First session : every partener have to present himself with the language he is learning and the partner can correct him.

Second session : Present his country, his town, ... with the language he is learning and the partner can correct him.

Third session : talk about hobbies, ...

Fourth session : talk about jobs, ...

... ect.

With every session the level of topics get more specifique and thus harder.

As for me, I have some language partners.  Actually, we discuss different topics, for example, about music, art, economy, history and so on. I try to find some interesting questions for  our discussion. 

We  try to speak two languages in order to everyone can practice  oral language. 

Sometimes we read and sing something. We also pay attention to the pronunciation. in general, something like that.

good luck! 



talking to people on skype is a usful way to improve your skills 

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