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Superstitions in different countries

Despite I don't believe in any kind of superstitions, in my culture, we have some superstitions like: passing under a ladder can bring you bad luck or if you break a mirror you will have seven years of bad luck.
How about your culture? Could you give me some examples talking about superstitions?




You should believe in them. You are going to get hurt.


We have the same in the United States. We have the superstion that is it bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

There are lots of superstituos belief but this is one of the most common.


Don't sweep the floor at night because bad luck will go out from your house.


Don't step over to a person who is laying because she/he will not grow anymore if ever accidently you step over them you should step over again.


Don't use broken mirror it will bring bad luck - this is not true because I am using a broken mirror hehe


if you dream that your teeth are falling someone will die in your family - I already have a dream like this before many time but no one die.


After studying at night, place the book you've been studying under your pillow, and you will retain what you have read.


Whatever you do or feel on New Year's Day will continue the rest of the year. 


Before stepping on an anthill, first ask to be excused. Otherwise, a spirit may play tricks on you.


If you happen to get lost, invert your clothes and you will find your way.


Don't go out on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, for evil fairies are roaming around to hurt people. God is dead during these days therefore accident usually occur - this is funny


We have different traditional superstition in our culture . Some looks like so silly and nonesense . I would rather ignore some of them as it frequently brings you to groundless situation  .



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