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Practice with me!

I want to learn how to speak Spanish more fluently i know a lot but verbally I can't seem to pronunciate correctly. Please help me and in exchange I will teach you english.



Hello. Frankly, it would be a pleasure to me to help you with your Spanish language.

i can help you with your spanish. Si quieres puedes agregarme a skype, la id es marioq30

sute that would be nice. @Jose 

Hi, Melody, I`m looking for a parnet too, Would you like to practise Spanish??  i need to practise English a lot  


Me gustaría aprender inglés, ¿me ayudas? podemos intercambiar idiomas, yo soy española


I d like to pratice English with you, I Teach you Spanish

pratice with me please. I speak spanish

I want to do a language ex-change. I'm Spanish and I want to improve my English. Let me know if you want. Cheers.

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