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Mahabharat is a great epic of Indian mythology.How many of you have heared about this or know something about this great saga.



Oce one friend from italki advised me to watch with english subtitles.And I saw maybe 10 series or more,than left,dont even know why.But I think I will continue watching.

Very beautiful women,amazing dresses,decorations.


You are very right Bruce,Gita is a part of Mahabharat.Your Indian reading is impressive.We have so many "Puranas" but I don't know wheather they are avilable in English or not.You can read Ravindranath Taigore.He was nobel prize winner.Kalidasa is famous sanskrit poet.


Tanya, Mahabharat is a very complicated story,difficult to follow but if you are enjoying ,keep watching :)



आनीटा-जी, is रामायणा a part of the महाभारत? Or are they two separate books?

I can't say I know much about the महाभारत other than it's about a war.


Thanks Bruce,I will try to read that book."Gitanjali" is famous poetry written by Ravindranath Tagore.


Jay, Ramayan and Mahabharat are two entirely diffrent books.Ramayan is the story about Lord Rama and his victory over Ravana and you are right that Mahabharat is about war between Kourav and Pandav but Mahabharat has much more then war.Its talk about basic human emotions.

Mahabharat is "Human Enclopedia" and Source of Knowledge. I mean not religious book but belong to entire Human race. 


Very true Gudkuti.

Yes, I knew about it and I want to read it in English. Can you suggest me a site from where it can be downloaded for free? Or tell me if I can read it or any of our mythological stories online.


Sameer,I don't know any online source.

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