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Why pupils hate going to school?

Today I've read the discussion "What is the worst thing that you hate to do?". Many of pupils wrote that they hate going to school or doing their homeworks. So, why they hate it?

As for me, I don't like subjects like physics or chemistry, but I love my school. Because I can communicate with my friends and classmates.

So, it is very important for us. Because life is in knowledge, knowledge is in education. Our future depends on it. It's necessary to study with enthusiasm, to my mind. And so, I'm fond of learning new things and improving myself.

What do you think about it?





huh :)


Of course, it's great to learn, and even better to learn what you're interested in :)

I also do not like physic and chemistry...but i like other subjects like languages and history.School is good because we always can learn something new and meet new friends.





The school is the better wau to learn about the things in around the world, it's very important, I also didn't like some subjects when I study in high school but I love all what I study in my college.

Presumably , it is supposed to be an interesting kindergarten to all kids who like to learn by game or daily life , however, some of pupils cannot be enchanted by tedious, dreary classes in school . I guess most teachers should be accountable for this phenomenon and education system is required to be investigated thoroughly . Some of these students just kill their time to go through the embarrassing period of learning and some other would choose to play truant for better interesting things . Besides, many parents are so busy in their work that they do not have spare time to care their children . It is a truth we have to face the next generation .


Finally , children are little different from adults if they did not have the habit of learning new things in their childhood. Adults can learn something new to cultivate their career or life , which should be embraced during their primary school age  ,instead , children are supposed to embrace good habit of learning , challenging new things aound the world .  As for myself , I am little confident of my public education system , so as a consequence ,I would consume more time to teach my children if I have spare time .

Yes, I agree with all of you :)

Because I hate waking up in morning.

I hate listening to subject that I think that I might forget someday and its not even useful for my field

Because some teachers are making our life miserable in school. hehe

Haha. Yes.

May be some of pupils just don't understand subjects and therefore they can't do their homeworks?

And so they hate doing it :D

It's just my opinion :)

Mayby, they just don't realize the value of education and they suppose, teachers and parents force them to learn. But one day they'll say "Thank you so much". Different children have differrent attitude towards the process of learning, some of them like it, and some don't.

I agree with you.


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