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Could someone please help me with translating a few words in a song?

I want some help with translating three words from a song, Yura Yura (Wavering) by (insert-group-here). It's featured in the anime series Naruto. Anyway, here goes:
1. Yuke (think it means something like "to allow" or "go")

2. Yuganda (think it might mean "distorted")

3.  Yura yura (think this translates into one word in English, and I think that's "wavering")


The context is this:
Yura yura to
Yuganda sora e
Kimi no moto e tonde yuke


Which I have seen translated into

Let them fly to you
Through the wavering distorted sky



In these wavering skies
I will fly to you.

So what is quite right here, and what is the non-context-biased translation of those words? =) 



Yuke is a form of 'iku'/(commonly 'yuku') telling them to do something. "Tondeyuke" is saying "jump up/fly off". As translations go, it can be a little difficult to apply these to one's own actions. So you can think of Buzz Lightyear's "Up, up, and away!" or maybe if someone's nervous and trying not to stare, they'll think "Don't look, don't look!" It's up to your judgement on a per case basis.

Yuganda is the past tense of 'yugamu', so it does mean distorted/warped.

If you want to get an idea of ways yurayura can be used, I recommend taking a look at the translations here:


So the idea here could be something like: "I'll fly into the shaking, warped sky to get to you"

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