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How was transportation in past before the invention of airplane?


 How was transportation in past before the invention of airplane?

 and how have it been changeing over years?




Walking → Horses and other suitable animals (+ carriages later on) → Boats (steam power after it was discovered) → Railroads → Automobiles → Planes



Great question!


As another commenter has said, people simply WALKED.


There is a certain country in Europe (of course, I will NOT name it) where people until recently were very slender (not fat).


Why? Because it was a very poor country. Almost no one had cars.  And there were few buses.

So people walked and walked and walked. And in that way, they kept slender.


In the last 20 years, however, economic conditions have improved. More people are riding in cars and on buses.


Guess what! People are getting fatter!

people have longer life span because they are doing physical work like walking. Now life is easier but it is also fleeting.

I believe the mode of transportation before mankind ushered in the age of flight, apart from riding on horseback, is a 2-wheel-drive transport, powered by both the left foot and the right foot. This form of tranportation is commonly known as: "Walking".

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