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HSK Practice

My twin sister and I are studying for the HSK exam. We would appreciate any helpful tips of study guide books, articles, youtube channels and etc to help us on our studies to pass the Hsk level 1 since this will be our first time. =0)




Nice, i didn't know gurulu and chinesecio..gurulu seems to have a free option and 2 premium accounts and they are cheap. Instead I'm not sure yet about the cost of you know anything about that Beth?


i recommend a few series as "integrated Chinese" or "New Practical Chinese Reader"..if you want to practise reading you can use a few books from Chinese Breeze Chinese Reader series..then if you want to learn characters i recommend "remembering simplified hanzi" by Heisig. About grammar i recommend "Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: a practical guide" by Claudia Ross. I also recommend you to use a software called Anki, a website and ios app called Skritter, a website called memrise. Finally you can use nice podcasts from Chinesepod or Popup Chinese.

I recomend you to resolve all the exams that are here:

And to learn all the vocabulary for this examen. There are just 150 words. :D

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What did you say nina? Wo ye shi what?

She said :"wo ye shi shuang bao tai"."双胞胎“means "twins"!When and where do you have HSK exam?

THANK YOU malina for the link. And Fabio thanks for the helpful materials...looking into them.

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