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A more of one year i communicating on italki. During this time here was many contaсtes with diference people. All of they women. For some reson communicating with them so attractive and positive in spite of the fact that i have jealous wife. The letters was interesting and vocabulary replanish new words.



Get your wife to go on Italki too!

Problem will be solved!


Good Luck

I have been here in this place for more than one year. When I joined Italki my first motive was to learn Spanish but learning Spanish a hard row to hoe for me. So I decided to quit,but then I thought why can't I make some friends from here,Friends from all part of the world,yeah that would be fun right?

I found  few friends only few, I get in touch with them using skype or Facebook

I got a great friend, or I can say a Teacher from US and italki paved the way for that.

Italki is a good platform to write your thoughts in the language you  learn and it also helps to find teachers and language partners that helps you to improve upon the langauge you are learning

Now my aim is to improve my English with the help of my dear friends in Italki :)

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