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Do you like to sing or write songs? Do you do it in more than one langauge?

I looove to sing and write songs and they come to me in all 3 of my languages..Chinese, Spanish and English.

I am just wondering if others like to sing or write songs and if they do it in more than one language.

I am starting to put them on Youtube and this is my first one. I wrote it at 10 and I am 12 in this video:

I also play the violin and piano, ( since I was 2 and 3) about to buy and learn the digeridoo on our trip to Oz soon and I want to learn the Ukelele and guitar soon too.

Hoping to find other musicians and music lovers!



Thumps up sister :)

You have done a great work :)

Nice lyrics :)

Can you be my friend? so that I can say this celebrity is my great friend :)

And I saw your video in which you play violin :)

Wow you are so good. How I wish I have a talent same as yours. I don't make songs I just translate Filipino songs to english and I wish I can translate it to chinese and Spanish in the future. I am still a beginner with those two languages.

Ooh I'm fond of singing! May be I don't sing so well, but nobody can't stop me! :D

Soo, I like singing in Kazakh, Russian, English and sometimes in French :)

     wow,   you are so  excellent  ,i  like  music ,hope  to sing   ,like piano  ,leaned  little  vilion  .  

Yes,you are very talented ,i like to copy the lyrics in English.And i like learning Enlish and making friends with English speakers ,it's my pleasure to be you friend.

I recently translate some english song to vietnamese ( my native language) but I never write a song because I am not a writer, Mainly I don't know about musical theory. I am a un-employee in a lower economic class so that I really have no money for learning musical theory :D.

你好~hi,I'm from China,and so glad to see Americans who love Chinese culture .Besides I'm so passionate about language ,I think there's lot of things we can share and communicate .Can we be friends ?If ok ,just Email me plz.thanks (

I think that is great you sang, But I think pop affect you so much that mean pop give you brain washing so the melody should be the first coming up. You may not be awaked that, but it affect you indeed.

So you use your mother tongue to fill up the song ,That does not mean bad.

But the form of pop will limited you in the samll form of song. Especially your melody may be the same with others. The composer who happen to have the intellectual property may accuse you.

On another hand, A beautiful heart is very important. Otherwise, The lyrics you write that will be like heavy metal. You know that come from heart ,what goes around comes around.

However , Pop help you to find up the rimes in your mother tongue.

You may find more other of form in classical music.

can u tell me ur QQ or skype id?

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