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Which way should language specialty students go in the future?

  Today,my English teacher said that only learned Japanese must be difficult when we find some jobs in the future,except u learn this language as well as your mother tongue.otherwise, u will lose many chances.

  So,i am confused.

  In university,should i to learn more than a language?If i want to be a interpreter in some foreign businesses,then,what should i do?

  Actually,i will go to German language class once a week,but i think it doesn't work...T^T

 Guys,could u tell. me what's about yours opinions?  




Konbanwa. (Good evening)

Yeah, I do agree with your teacher. Based upon my experiences in Japan, I guess it's not that easy to find a better job, only with limited foreign languages ... 

But you have good tools to learn Japanese like italki, so I believe you can speak in Japanese like me one day :) 

Ganbatte! (Keep up your good work)    :D 

こんばんは、タカさん。確かにねえ、italkiにたくさん交流をしたいんです。よろしくねぇ(^^♪ 頑張ります、では、おやすみなさい。



I persoanlly think your teacher and Taka-san are right. Foreign languages are useful, but you should know more than one so you can be sure you can get a good job. In my University I study Japanese and English, but since English is well-known around the world, a third language would be useful to learn. This is why I think it's very good you take German courses as well.


Good luck with your studies! ^_^



according to my personal experience, it is helpful for your career in the future when you have excellent English language and English is still a world language nowadays. With Japanese you can only use it in Japan, German is similar with Japanese you can use in Germany, Austria and some other neighbour countries of Germany. When your English is excellent enough, then you can think about other languages.


Thank you for your guys' advise.

Uhh,maybe i think i will be a bee soon after,but i will earn some honey right?lol


Understanding more languages is better for your career and social life.

Good luck

I would suggest you master one foreign language at first . It is more feasible to practice one language at one time . I estimate you may consume at least 2 years to sophisticate your target language under the precondition of a genius . Do not too greedy as you may mess it up if you were too covet . Perhaps , you may target more than 2 foreign languages in the future , however, you had better head to one foreign target language in my vision .

thanks tiantian and allen.Uhhh..reply to allen.Anyway you are totally right.I should not to be too greedy,but i still want to  master my Japanese and English because i have to pass the CET,N1 or N2,or more.Only do this way then i can get my diploma.Maybe i have known which one is the best important.Anyway,study study and study.

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