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Who help me with english?

Hi everyone! I'm Cecilia, I'm 19 and I'm from Italy.

I want to learn English. I love it!

My english is very very bad :( I know only a little english!

But with your help I will learn well! I hope!

And if you want it we could make friends!


Ciao a tutti!! :3



Hello! I'm Lyuba. I'm from Russia.

I want to learn English too. If you don't mind we could be friends, and help each other)

Thank you)

Hi,I'm FengTian ,i'm from China. I am now learning English too,I can make friends with you .Let us study hard together.   Fighting!!!!!!!

I'm from Saudi Arabia and i want to learn english too .


What about a group in skype ?


but i guess we need a some one native speaker :D

I'm a native speaker and can help you guys learn English. I need to create a Skype account first, though. ^^"

native speaker is comming :D

Yeess!! :)

Hello Cecilia , I hope you're good.I want to learn english too like you.If you want , We can talk together so We can practice English :)

please create an group from skype to practice english, everbody can communicate easly from there.

whoever want can add me

my skype ıd :mustafa.ulas.1

Hi Cihan! Yes, sure, we can talk together :) Write me in private message :)

Hi Cecilia,


Where can I leave a private message for you, you have no way to contact you?

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