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Some words about music :)

Today I communicated with many people. So, many of them said that they like rock music.

As for me, I like alternative rock too. Also I'm fond of Jazz and classical music.

What about you? What kind of music do you prefer? So, what is your favorite music band or singer?



I really like music and a lot of styles, especially rock, reggae, blues.

My favorites singers/bands are: coldplay, beatles, bob dylan, bob marley, U2, Jason Mraz, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd.


I like brazilian music too. Some bands that I really like are: O rappaz, Engenheiros do Hawaii, Legião Urbana, Chico Buarque, Cazuza


That's it!

I guess Pop music not too bad, I like that, my favorite singers is avril lavagne and taylor swift..

a little jazz, like jason mraz, and I also Maher Zain singer, he song is very nice..

Oh yees, I love music of Jason Mraz :) My favorite songs are Plane, Life Is Wonderful, I'm yours.

He has a really amazing voice!

I like pop music ,and recently i  always listen to music of James Blunt.I like his voice and the lyrics are also very beautiful.

"Tears ans rain "is my favorite

me too, i love all his songs. all of them are glorious!


pop and classical music

I'm just getting into JKpop, but I have always loved Irish, Celtic, and medieval music as well as new age. ^^

It depend to my mood .more than others pop.

I do not have any specific preference for singers or songs . I like simple and impressing songs instead of too noisy heavy metal . That is so much for it .  Generally  , I am not so familiar with any band or singer but I would love to enjoy simple melody and light rhythm while I am in busy time.


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