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Question for pupils/students...

What is your favorite subject and which subject you like the least?



My favorite are history,literature and languages...but i dont like math,physic and chemistry.

My favorite are Chinese and German, least favorite are English and Algebra II.

Thatcher,is Chinese difficult?

My favorite is English, especially creative writing, and my least favorite is chemistry and math.

Teddy bear


Chinese is not difficult if you want to speak fluently only , however, it takes you some effort if you want to master it in writing and reading .

No, Chinese is really easy because it has such flexible grammar. I like languages with flexible grammar. Also, the characters are not too hard, but you can not learn many more than ten characters a day, since it is hard to remember that many characters if you learn more than 10 a day.

Those are just my school subjects. My favorite subjects to study on my own are Croatian (and sometimes I read Serbian news, since I can read Cyrillic and my textbook teaches both Croatian and Serbian) and Ukrainian. 

Thatcher,i though that Chinese is difficult because of a lot of characters.I learn English and Italian in my school and i like that but i also like Spanish...

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