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What's the mean of your life?

Sometimes I always feel confused about the mean of my life. I birth, grew up, learn in the school, work at the company and do some job to feed my self just like most of people. I don't know the difference between me and other people. What can I do for this world? Does this world become much better because me? Does this world become much worse because me? If not, what's the mean of my life? Just living. I can't find the difference about this world wheather I live or not. How to do change?



i feel you and me have same things. i have a normal life, and i always feel bored about this. i alway to change my life be special, but i can not do that. i married but i have not baby. how is life better when i have kids?

To be honesty , I am not so lofty or elevated as your thinking . Maybe to realize the meaning of living is too lofty to understand . I would rather be more substantial to the current life .  Every time I wanted to find the real meaning of my life , I found I was more like a silly fool . From some extremists'  ideas , you are just brain in a jar ,so to speak , you are just a orgnaic complex ,so much for it .  Do not try to complicate your problems as there will not be any ceonceivable answer to your problem . There will be nothing left but more confusion if you want to get more deeply into this issue .


My humble idea


it's you who decide the meaning of your life

i used to be like you , i found myself pointless i felt like i was running in am empty circle

then i started to look for my passion that's when i realized my dream and now i know my way and that my life is not meaningless


Hi, Ahmad ALAZMI! Thanks for your answer. My son has changed my life a lot. He is so cute, he love me and need me. Before I had a baby, I live just live. I always stay at home, lazy and work as work.  I don't think about the question just like what's the meaning of life, etc. But When I have a baby, I want to be an excellent mom, and I want to be much better. I want to see better myself.

Allen, thanks for your answer, my friends! I don't want to make the life to be complicated. My problem, I feel my life is meaningless. I stop, feel confused, wonder which way should go.

Thanks, sarah lorane!  You are a luck dog! How fortunate you are!

Well, why are we here? To amass fame and fortune? To make music and babies? To be the richest man or woman in the graveyard for, as we are jokingly told, “He who dies with the most toys wins?”


Allah has said in the Quran " We have not created the Humans and the Jins, except to worship Him ( that is Allah Subhano wo Tala)"
In various places in Quran, Allah has instructed to the mankind ( not only Muslims), that this world is a test for you, and the real life begins after your death here. All the evils and all the good things provided in this world serves only one purpose, to seive the pious people from the evil ones. The evil ones being those who will or have been deceived by Satan and forget the basic message of Allah, that is to worship him alone and not to associate partners with Him, and they all will burn in the hell fire forever. The good one are those, who accepted the oneness of God, and accepted this message brought by various messengers and ultimately by Prophet Mohammad Sallala ho Alaaihe WA alehey waslam (may peace be upon him). All of these righteous one will ultimately go to Paradise (but after the judgment day, which means that Justice will prevail, and even the Muslims who have disobeyed Allah will be punished and after that punishment will be allowed to enter Paradise).
Hence, Muslim by its litereal meaninig is A person who submits his will towards Allah. The whole purpose of life of a Muslim is to lead this life as explained very elaborately in Quran and in the sayings of our beloved Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him) and in doing so, if he disobeys, should fear Allah and seek forgiveness, and always aim for the rewards of the eternal life.

{the quote from quran and hadiths used are not literal translation, and May Allah forgive me , if I had done any mistake in answering this question }

I will try to explain the meaning of life by mix of muslim,s and catholic ideas.

To worship =  to sing positive songs, to listen pleasant musik, to recite the beautiful poems! to grow and improve your character, your living conditions and by doing this hard work again... to sing mantras or hymns or prayers or sutras or psalms. Not to have big worries that I,m not enough good for others, but to have on the mind that I,m always good for my Creator. To sing, to praise, to worship, to enjoy. To be on the side of goodness! To choose only good people in my life, to choose excellence in my life, day after day... praise has to be on your lips!!! very important!! Don,t take for granted what is right now in your life, be thankful for that! for sun, for rain, for kid, for teacher, for husband, for wife, for health, for healthy eating habits...etc.. This is meaning of life! Good, better, best, never never rest, till your good is better and your better best...

Thanks Eva! Choose, enjoy, insit and be thankful for that!

It is not imprtant what you became in life but ,the important thing is that you be and stay a good person for your entire life no matter what you facing in life .

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