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Hi guys .. what's your opinion about this video about Prevent women from driving in Saudi Arabia

this simple song, within 48 hours it has been viewed over 5 million!!


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I think the Saudi Arabia government should change the policy to allow women to drive on the street and men living in Saudi Arabia should support this enactment if possible . I am curious why they can not drive a car . It seems no valid reason to persuade me .

Don't you know? Driving makes women infertile.

I agree with Bruce - women should have the same rights to drive as all other citizens. ( not just only driving, women should have the same rights like other humen.

Nice comment.. 

For information .. I 'm living in Saudi Arabia ! 
So, I see that true rules in my country, because we have islamic Cultures and islamic traditional that prevent women driving. 


We have different cultures about you! In America, for example! 
I hope from world to appreciate that.  

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