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How did you learn Arabic?

Can you please share your experience in learning Arabic?

and in which level are you now?



I am a very low intermediate Arabic learner.  I have met many delightful people but I have also met those who say they want to teach Arabic and then are disappointed when I do not express an interest in learning their local language.  I want to learn the language of the news broadcasts first.  My second problem is with those unfamiliar with teaching a foreigner.  I teach English and I never worry about the inability of my student to speak without an accent.  It is normal.  If I make one sound incorrectly, many teachers immediately assume I know nothing and start with lesson one.  I have a third problem with those who want me to read advanced texts without a glossary or vowels in the new words.  This group will also tell me to write someone without giving me a subject and before I have any idea whether they will gloss over problems or nit-pick my submssion.


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