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This year I will write a dissertation about Japan. We can choose anything related to "Disaster, Death, Memory and Symbolism" symbolism includes anything that can be used to study the Japanese society. So basically I can choose almost anything related to Japan. But it's so broad I can't find anything that I want to study, any suggestions?

I would be grateful if you could share your ideas with me.

Thank you!





Surely it is so broad.I think that you should deside one thing.and also i think you shoud go to japan.

I will show you example that is video>

This video is movie trailer that was made by an American women.It is about Japanese culture that focus on bugs.Very unique viewpoint isn't it?

I was in Japan this year from April to August. Finally I chose to write my dissertation about konkatsu. I think it is an interesting topic and it shows a change in the Japanese society.

Thank you for your comment

Konkatsu!This is very unique viepoint!

I know that it is include complicated problem of Japanese society.

My wife's mother does volunteer activity for arranged marriage(Sorry i don't know how to say in english,おみあい(omiai))

She&her group make an omiai-party at regular intervals.

well,if you ask me about konkatsu&anything of japan,please contact me anytime.

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