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Remember new words

When you sart to learn English ,how you remember new words from learning?



The most effective way for me is learning by doing, that is use it instead of memorizing it. At first you can try explain the new word to others in plain English (You can get it from some English-to-English dictionary like longman) and then use it and say it time by time. That is it!

I search lyrics songs, and look for the words i dont know, and each time i sing them, those words come to my head over and over again :D


I use e-flashcards like Anki, Mnemosyne, etc, lyrics, audiobooks with the transcript,  reading news articles (with and without audio), (e-)books, and blog posts to learn vocabulary.  I usually like to learn vocabulary through content.  So that way I know how to effectively use the new words or phrases. 

Read lots of novels and practice.

Yeah,rencently i am listening to Enlish music ,and i learn new words from the lyrics,i think it is a good way for me to remember.

And i also learn to sing English songs,i find that it is hard ,but don't worry i will study hard.

Keep it in mind , to learn vocabulary is to speak or write  . To practice your words is the king .


learning vocabulary by practice

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