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Is highly paid more important than happiness?

I have a foreigner friend ,she is only 21 years old,her job is special----a prison nurse.

But from our chatting i feel that she was very terrible about her job althogh with highly paid.

And she plans to be away from the prison, i am suppor her.

I think happiness is the truth of life.Do you think so ?



Money is not everything but everything is money.

there is no complete happiness but there is reality . being real means u have to have money and a good living . money can bring happiness . prison is not a good place for young ppl . she should change her job .


Everyone will say "the happiness is most important thing" and in many case is obvious, but not all feel these words.
In my opinion depend of the situation in which you are, this answer is very difficult of find because is easy to say "the happiness is very important" but in my opinion who can living with a bit of money and say "I´m soo happy" this person feel the answer.

By and large , Money is not equivalent to happiness  ,yet , some happiness can be purchased by money . It is also clear you can obtain some happiness even though you are not a wealthy person. I guess your friend must be terrified by some incidents occurred in the prison jail which she did not tell you all circumstances concerning the terrible things . Maybe , she was terrified or even threatened by something dreadful in the workplace . All in all , I guess she must have more inside stories that she did not want or know to share with you .

In my opinion your friend need to search new job.

but she need to stay current job until she found new option.

In the interim time she need to serch one litle blip on the prison.

she can to start on the thought : 

to what part from this play's i wiil miss.


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