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a unique language in the world

Hi what do u think of a unique language in the world?




language of love

Music! Because it doesn't matter what language is being singing it just matter the feelings on the lyrics and motion that you feel! :)

I'll be a little more boring - I think Hungarian is quite unique, at least in the context of Europe.

Music is supposed to be a very important univeral language to communicate . There is nothing more important than music .

Eye language .


I think the unique language is the kind of language which can make you feel but no need of words, you don't need to learn to understand it, it just comes very naturally, so eye language or smile language or music (especially the one without lyrics) ... can be considered as unique languages.


Music!  As the saying goes Music Without Borders

Do you mean, 'which language do you think is unique?' Or, 'what is your opinion about having a single language for the whole world?'

Someone once created a language called "Esperanto" , in the hopes of making it the world's language. 

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