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What's your suggestion about speaking?

I asked this question because I always face to a speaking problem: I am quite sure what I want to say with English, but when the speaking time comes, the words i want to speak out were stuck in the throat, and my brain will be blank suddenly, at that moment, I feel like I am a stupid dump person. I know I should be brave to use a language if I want to learn it well, but... What can I do?



No wories , it is an inevitable obstable for most English beginners to speak fluently . Prior to your real speaking , you must have comparable commend of words, idoms , and sentences . If you were sure to have the basic competence to speak English  , you may start your speaking as soon as poosible . If you cannot find a feasible language partner , you may practice with mirror at first . I still belive , practice does not always make perfect , however, practice does make better all the while .



  Jo Lee:


 Many people have the same difficulty.


 The cause  is not... that you have not  put forth effort.  I am sure you have.

 The cause is that the materials you study are not  an   integrated form of knowledge.   The ideas in the material you have studied are a pastiche of disconnected and unassociated ideas which are not intended to teach you to think.


 Learning  to speak   is rather similar to learning to drive a car.   In the end, no matter what you have been taught, you have to get that car moving down the road, aiming it at something and demanding that everybody and everything get out of your way.


   Of course, there is speaking, and there is SPEAKING.   Most people can get books and CD's that will teach them a kind of Tourist  Vocabulary.   That   can be done with superficial knowlege.


    What you need is a   working vocabulary that is rather like a workman's tool box.

Much of that you probably already have.  It is how that is integrated that will determine your success.


I have same problem. I am learning english for 8 months and still have problem in speaking. Even the problem is when it comes to listening. I only understand when one speaks really slowly and articulates well. I know perhaps my brain is not created for foreign languages but hope that my understanding will be better soon. And than also speaking will launch.


I recently posted a discusssion on how best to work with language partners and David from Scotland suggested sending a short voice recording to your partner then they can correct it which i thought was a good idea. If you are overcome with nerves then this may be a good starting point.

everyone has the same problem i think and the trick is to find someone who you click with and just keep talking as much as you can. If you can find someone who is a beginner in your own language then you will realise that we all need help.

good luck! 

Although I do not belive practice makes perfect all the while , I do belives practice makes it better . It is a long road with hardship to overcome , yet , it is just a process which you do not have to concern too much .

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