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What is your favorite thing about your country?

In a couple sentences, tell us what your favorite thing about your country is. I will start.


I love the amount of culture and scenery that there is in the United States. We have a lot of people an ideologies, and scenery such as deserts, mountains, forests, beaches, big cities and small towns. 




I love Canada, because it has four magnificent seasons, beautiful countryside and wild areas, lots of parks, socialised medecine, small cities, open space, good farmland that comes along with good produce, religious tolerance, and a certain character that is proud yet humble. I may be biased, though!

i come from Vietnam- a country has an S-shape. I love Vietnam, love all traditional festivals such as Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Mid Autumn festival,..., ; the friendly people who always talk , smile and help you when you need, besides that Vietnam cusine is special, it's not too spicy, not too bitter, not too sweet,... it's delicious and tasty. 

I love foods in China, foods here are so various, such as hot pot, corn with Pine nuts, a steamed dumpling filled with minced meat and gravy and so on.

I like foods with a lot of vegetables, meat here are not taste good. o(╯□╰)o


I'm Brazilian and I love (almost) all over here, like the weather, the people ways, the cultural and ethnical diversity and, above all, the laid back atmosphere. In spite of every problems that everybody just know, I find living here is cool. By me, the worst problem is that here almost nobody knows how to speak English, so practising English without Skype is too hard.

I love to explore the beach and the culture of Indonesia.Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world comprising 13 466 islands.Country with regional languages, 583 languages and dialects of the 67 main languages used by various ethnic groups in Indonesia.

From Chile I like foods, we have many foods in all country, many landscapes, people are friendly and we have desert, mountains, forest and beaches.

Our area of soil is relatively smaller than most other countries . We are one of most prominent density of popluation in the world . We have busy people walking on the street to work overtime and high tower building for office lease . It sounds like so boring and busy in our cities . Indeed , if you live in big cities here, you would be easily vexed by so cramped space . As for our unique landscape, to travel in taiwan in some rural mountain can be so cheerful that almost every foreign tourist was so enhanted .  


Things I love about my country, Indonesia, are the uniqueness of its cultures, the beauty of its scenery, the deliciousness of its traditional food, the various vernacular languages like javanese, balinese, sundanese etc, and the most importantly, the friendliness of its people. :)

I love France because there are many beautiful places like the Eiffel Tower or beautiful parks and people are very nice here. The food is really good and it's the country of love :) 

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