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Hello, I am looking for more learning material . Would anyone know where to find some. As I have seen some online but I also noticed that most of it is not correct .




Take a look at this website :

it's a website for the education of foreigners in our country, it's a collaboration between Rai Educational and the Ministry of Education. I think it's quite useful (especially for listening and comprehension) and well-built.


It is fun and useful - I wish there were more!

Ciao Sandra! You should check out these two great websites.


Duolingo - This is a completely free website/app that is fun and has taught me a lot.


Babbel - I use this website/app to enhance and practice my vocabulary.


I hope they help you as much as they have helped me!

Duolingo is really nice!


I also recommend

yabla italian ( and

italiano automatico (


Italiano automatico is run by a young italian polyglot who makes nice videos and podcasts and deals also with the way how to learn a language in a natural, enjoyable way. 



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